core competency

hevii technologie GmbH is a globally-operating, European-based service provider engaged to help clients meet their production requirements while complying with jurisdictional health, safety and environmental regulations.

The company's core expertise is the optimization of pressure-boundary and mechanical joint integrity - a key requirement for safe and profitable facilities.

Reducing Risk

Enhancing Safety

Ensuring Availability

Providing Compliance

Process Reliability

hevii technologie works closely with Owners and their EPCs and Mechanical Contractors to implement comprehensive Bolted Joint Reliability procedures to ensure long-term reliability and enhance availability of both new and existing facilities.

Process Security

Process and Operations Analysis, Systems Implementation, Design Support, Specification Review, Procedure Modification, Root-Cause Analysis and Tiered-Training are fundamental components of our holistic approach whether hevii is involved in the building of new plants or helping to correct problems in existing facilities.

providing assistance.

our focus is helping our clients develop and maintain the reliability of their critical bolted joints

enterprise critical flange integrity implementation
establishing plant-wide systems to ensure accountability and reliability of all critical bolted joints
independent 3rd Party project support
providing supplementary support and expertise to ensure that your contractors comply with rigid standards


comprehensive interactive personnel training
developing the bolting technology knowledge required by your people to enhance the reliability of your facilities


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