Industries Served


Extraction, Comminution, Refining

Power Generation

Nuclear, Fossil, Hydro, Wind


Production, Refining, Converting, Transmission


Integrated, Mini, BOF, EAF

Pulp & Paper

Sulfite, Sulphate, TMP




Transportation, Offshore


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Corporate Profile

hevii technologie is a globally-focused, European-based consultancy engaged to help clients meet their production requirements while complying with jurisdictional safety and environmental regulations.

The company's core expertise is the optimization of pressure-boundary and mechanical joint integrity - a key requirement for safe and profitable facilities.

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Process Availability

Process Security

hevii technologie works closely with Owners and their EPCs and Mechanical Contractors to implement comprehensive systems to enhance future production availability and ensure initial leak-free start-ups of critical new projects.
Process and Operations Analysis, Design Support, Specification Review, Procedure Modification, Root-Cause Analysis and Tiered-Training are fundamental components of our holistic approach whether we're involved in the building of new plants or correcting problems in existing facilites.