technical audits.

addressing and controlling risk of flange integrity failures

Conventional risk analysis exercises often overlook one of the key risk variables to a project's viability: Bolted Joint Integrity. Enabled by extensive knowledge and experience in this field, the company's unique precision focus on Pressure Boundary and Mechanical Joint Reliability allows us to supplement typical Risk Engineering studies by developing comprehensive analyses of sites' current susceptibility to loss caused by joint failure. These are followed by remediation and improvement recommendations.


  • site goals review
  • historical review
  • flanged systems review
  • complete walk-down inspection
  • system risk analysis
  • per-flanged system risk level assignment
  • risk mitigation implementation options


Audit Points

  • current physical conditions
  • management knowledge level
  • staff knowledge level
  • training culture
  • maintenance culture
  • maintenance systems
  • inspection culture
  • inspection systems
  • support culture
  • support systems
  • quality systems
  • mechanical contractor management
  • supplier management


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