bolting technology training.

beyond merely knowing how to "swing a wrench"


bolting technology training

With the mechanical integrity of bolted joints usually being the weakest link between unit availability and a forced shutdown, proper assembly is paramount. Whereas almost everybody knows how to "swing a wrench", the reliability of the outcome depends on a full understanding of the technology behind various bolting methods and their influencing factors. This is often hindered by incomplete knowledge, personal preferences, misconceptions,  and technical misunderstandings. To address this important issue hevii delivers on-site training to develop the necessary competency of your skilled labour and front-line management resources.

The aim of this training is not to teach your staff how to design bolted flanges, but rather to provide them with the necessary technical background to supplement their existing practical and supervisory skills.

Key concepts covered include:

  • fundamental principals
  •  joint components
  • terminology/identification
  • sealing methods/types
  • assembly/disassembly
  • tool technology options
  • reliability requirements
  • testing/verification
  • flange management
  • safety procedures
  • project preparation
  • trouble-shooting

Courses are customised based on the client's applications and existing staff proficiency.

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