elongation systems training.

developing deep understanding and full competency

elongation systems training

Drawing on almost 30 years of field experience, hevii's unique technical expertise is leveraged by those clients who need to ensure full competency of their personnel and reliability of their critical processes.

"Instruction Manuals are merely extended Sales Brochures"
The relative low price of present-day base instruments sometimes implies simplicity with the assumption that simple review of an operating manual is enough. This is a mistaken preconception with potential costly consequences: The proper use of these devices can quickly become daunting to the uninitiated and inexperienced. This has routinely led to compromised data as frustrated operators under the pressure of tight schedules resort to "cooking the numbers".

Unique Operator Requirements
Bolt Stress Monitoring devices are highly sophisticated instruments requiring a great degree of operator proficiency. Contrary to popular assumption, the technology is unlike that of conventional NDE. In order to produce accurate results, operators need to be well-versed in not only the unique science of this specialized field but, they also require an in-depth knowledge of Advanced Bolting Technology - a rare combination.

Continuous Support
Our training programs are comprehensive. They begin with extensive classroom instruction and continue with future in-field Technical Field Assistance with a dedicated hevii Technician providing supervision and support during major bolting projects.

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